Community Services

In 2005, Trident AAA formed a Needs Assessment Committee to design group and individual surveys to assess the needs of Senior Citizens in the tri-county area. This needs assessment survey provided a list of 31 services in the trident region and asked respondents to determine whether the services are adequate, affordable, needed and/or significantly needed. A total of 323 persons were surveyed. The Trident Region respondent’s results showed significant need and/or improvements in the following service areas:

  • Health Screenings
  • Medical Transportation
  • General Transportation
  • Multi Purpose Senior Center (providing activities, meals, supervision, etc.)
  • Home Repair
  • Senior Fitness Programs
  • Home Health Care

With limited resources, the Trident AAA found contractors in the community interested in partnering with us to improve services in these and other areas concerning Seniors.

There are still many unmet needs in our community and our goal, as stated in our 2006-2008 Area Plan, is  to succeed in filling in the rest of the gaps.


Aging & Disability Center Resource Van

Aging & Disability Center Resource Van